At Red Stick Notary we are proud to be your #1 Baton Rouge Notary. We are even more proud to be your mobile notary public that can travel directly to you! You can reach us right now by calling 225-907-5280.

For some of you, you're probably already familiar with what a mobile notary public is. For many of you, you've probably never heard of it. Let's explain the process a bit so that everyone understands it better.

A mobile notary is also called a travelling notary. Instead of you having to travel to an office across town, this service actually brings the notary directly to you. In a world of increasing customer service, this is the ultimate in personal service and attention. 

As a mobile notary for the Baton Rouge, LA area, we can deliver our ability to notarize documents directly to you. If you are anywhere near the metro area, we can travel directly to you to take care of your notarization needs.

We reglarly travel to our customers' homes, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, real estate offices, lawyer offices, prisons and even random parking lots. Wherever it is convenient for you, that is where we want to be.

Some of our clients utilize our services because they are stuck in an office, such as an office building downtown. Instead of having to take off work and drive across town to another office, they call us at 225-907-5280 and we travel directly to them.

Many of our clients are confined in their home, prison, hospital or nursing home. They literally can't leave where they are. Life still has to go on, and they need documents notarized, so this is where we fit in perfectly.

We also have clients that need our services later in the day or on the weekends. Since we are mobile, and open 24/7, this is another perfect match. Instead of them trying to miss work and handle their business during banker's hours, they call us on the weekends or at night to travel directly to them.

We can travel anywhere in the state, but of course the fees go up based upon the distance traveled. We do regularly travel to the surrounding areas in the parishes of East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Livingston, Ascension, and other nearby parishes.

Thank you again for visiting! If you would like for a Baton Rouge mobile notary to travel directly to you, please give us a call right now at 225-907-5280.


Red Stick Notary- Your Baton Rouge Travelling Notary!